Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Food Portraits

I've recently stumbled on some food photography that's worth noting here. I love seeing the products of a creative/innovative photographer who plays with food.

First is the work of Gabriele Galimberti, who traveled to 58 different countries, seeking out grandmothers willing to share their signature dish. Grandmothers are magic. Particularly when it comes to food, and Gabriele Galimberti perfectly captures the simplicity, spirit, and magic of Grandma's cookin.

Grandmother Galimberti 

Next is an apparently emerging trend of halved foods.

Notably, The Modernist Cuisine is a set of extremely modern cookbooks coming from a think tank of chefs and molecular gastronomists near Seattle, WA. They went to great lengths to produce insanely detailed photographs of the cooking process. They took just about every piece of kitchen equipment you can think of, sawed it in half, and then photographed it. They even sawed an entire convection oven in half.