Sunday, March 3, 2013

Avocado Adventure!

Haas, Fuerte, and Bacon Avocados

Since moving to California, Alex and I have become aware that there are different varieties of avocado. And today, we decided to have a little avocado tasting. We bought three different varieties at the farmers market; the usual black-skinned Haas, green-skinned Fuerte, and green-skinned Bacon. Both Fuerte and Bacon are green when ripe, unlike Haas which is green at the start and turns dark-brown/black as it ripens. Here are our conclusions:
  • Haas: Arguably the most flavorful, with more of a "green vegetable" flavor and firm butteriness. Rich green-yellow flesh and thick skin.
  • Fuerte: Arguably has just as much flavor as Haas, though it's sweeter and creamier. Thin skin with green flesh.
  • Bacon: Despite its name, this was the most disappointing - it was like silky smooth avocado water. Lightest in color and flavor. Also incredibly thin-skinned. 
Granted, this study has a sample size of 1, so we really can't say anything quantitative. Though I'll take a Haas or Fuerte avocado any day!

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  1. BACON avocado? Becky and I tried some last night since they were the only ripe variety at our local Monterey Market, and we wanted avocado NOW. I must say I was pleasantly surprised, I thought they were quite tasty. Keep up the great food adventures, you make my mouth water.