Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spring, It's about damn time

After two years, we're actually having a decent spring here that's starting to feel like summer. With changing weather comes changing tastes and I'm on an ice cream and IPA kick again. The regular Friday free beer tasting at Pike Street Beer & Wine was showcasing California's Firestone Brewery. They make a fine bitter beer indeed. Molly Moon's is still whipping up some incredible ice cream and they've added two more waffle-cone-irons to deal with the block-long lines. Alex got some ginger ice cream with candied ginger bits in it and I had a mix of salted chocolate ice cream and orange tamarind sorbet, all in a waffle cone, of course. So delicious! Molly Moon's is the most brilliantly delicious thing to happen to this city since Poppy opened, which I still need to go to.

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