Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beer of the Gods

This past Friday's beer tasting was from Allagash brewery in Portland, Maine. I was completely blown away, I had no idea beer of this caliber existed. I can't quantify it, but there was something about all their beers that I tasted that was absolutely high quality. I could only compare it to the type of culinary magic worked by Daniel Boulud, Maria Hines, or Thomas Keller. The Confluence Ale was first, it filled my mouth in a way no beer ever has before and I was instantly overcome with a great deal of respect the brewer. It was full bodied, malty but not too sweet, and silky smooth. Next was the Victoria Ale, brewed with Chardonnay grapes in addition to barley and hops which gave it a distinct and perfectly executed fruitiness. It was light, crisp, and fruity like chardonnay, but also sweet and bitter like a good ale and all the flavors were in perfect harmony. Next came Victor Ale which is the counterpart to Victoria, Victor was brewed with red chancellor grapes giving it a beer-bordeaux-esque flavor. The grand finale was Curieaux - a triple ale aged in whiskey barrels. This beer had a depth and intense complexity to it that is unmatched. I've been dreaming of these beers since I had them and long to pair impeccable foods with them. Allagash has won my heart.

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