Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pilgrimage to Pinky's

I've gone mobile! This is my first post from my new fangled smartphone! I'm back in Seattle for a few days and had to stop by Pinky's Kitchen (aka Pig 'n Chips). I purposefully had a tiny breakfast before lunch at Pinky's, so by the time I got to the order window I was starving and ready for a hefty delicious BBQ extravaganza!

I got two sliders: brisket with sassy molassy sauce and pulled pork with sweet Caroline mustard sauce. I also got a small mac 'n cheese and a side of cole slaw.

Right now I'm feeling like a beached whale, happily blissed out on BBQ. ... Perhaps one slider would have been sufficient.

** Sent from my hand-held super-computer!

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