Thursday, May 2, 2013

Braised Fennel, Poached Egg, and Cornmeal Pancake

Cornmeal Pancakes (modified from Dad's recipe)
1 cup AP Flour
1 cup Cornmeal
2 tsp Baking Powder
4 Eggs
2 cups Milk
drizzle molasses

Combine the dry things.

Combine the wet things.

Whip the egg whites.

Add the wet things to the dry things.

Then fold in the egg whites.

Make pancakes in a hot buttered pan!

Braised Fennel
Fennel bulb(s)
Stock (or wine)

Let simmer for 15-30min until tender


Poached Egg
SmittenKitchen has a great description of how to poach an egg.

I use a splash of vinegar in a a couple inches of water heated to just below simmering.

Then I make a whirlpool, drop the egg in the center of the whirlpool and let it cook for a few minutes. I test the doneness by jiggling and gentle poking. Poached eggs are easiest to make one at a time, but if you're making more than one, the first one will get cold while the second one cooks.  I pull my poached eggs out a tiny bit early, then when all my eggs are poached, I put them back in the warm water to warm them all up together.

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