Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rediscovering my Arkansas Roots!

For at least a year, I've been talking about making my own corn dogs, and a few days ago, I finally got around to it! It was surprisingly easy. I used Olsen Farm's Beef Country Dogs, which taste just like how I remember hot dogs tasting when I was kid. I dusted the dogs with flour, dipped them in regular corn bread batter, and then dropped them in a pan full of hot bacon grease to fry. After a few minutes they were golden brown and delicious! I had a lot of corn bread batter left over, so I chopped up some onions, mixed them in, and made hush puppies! I don't think I've had a hush puppy since I last visited my extended family in Arkansas, and oh man they're good! We took all this to a potluck, so here are the finished products in Tupperware, ready for transport:

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