Sunday, January 15, 2012

Biscuits & Duck Gravy

There's something about snow that inspires me to make biscuits. Conveniently, we also have a glut of duck stock at the moment.  So I made biscuits with duck gravy and a side of bacon for a glorious snowy Sunday breakfast!

There are two things that make the gravy absolutely magical; first, I used stock made from Stokesberry Farms duck, and their ducks are divine. Secondly, the stock was almost entirely duck and leeks, and then I started the gravy by sauteing leeks in butter.  Few things are better than the simple deliciousness of leeks, butter, and duck.  When the leeks began to turn translucent I added a bit of flour and then enough duck stock to get the perfect gravy consistency (with a bit of stirring and patience,of course). Here's breakfast in the snow!:

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