Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fried Olives

Ladies and gentlemen, I am blogging in REAL TIME. Alex and I recently moved into a cute half-a-duplex in Berkeley, CA and it's taken us some time to acquire internet. So we've been relying heavily in our neighborhood businesses for internet access, coffee, beer, and food as we re-build our living space.

Paisan has been the other half of our home. They have internet access and they're open from 8:30am-9pm with everything from morning pastries to vermouth braised pork (OMG so amazing!). I want to be friends with all their servers and did I mention their food is INCREDIBLE and inspiring! Also they have a delicious IPA on tap (Green Flash IPA).  

But the reason I am blogging now is because I am eating the most amazing olives I have ever had. They are fried olives and they are amazing. It's like the next generation of hush puppies... I'm so blown away. Alex just said, "they're like popcorn shrimp, but tasty and not terrifying!"

mmmm fried olives!

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  1. Happy to see you are still blogging. It makes me feel like you are not so far away...seriously,fried olives???