Friday, August 31, 2012

California Sun

California produces some damn fine fruits and veggies. I thought we got good tomatoes in Seattle, I thought I grew delicious tomatoes in Seattle, but California has raised the bar. The good tomatoes in the East Bay are REALLY GOOD. Also, avocados have become a staple in my diet:

Halved and sprinkled with salt

Our very first meal made from a California farmers market was a cast iron pan full of ground beef, peppers, onions,  and eggplant:
Beef-Pepper-Eggplant saute with a side of avocado

 Alex and I spent several weeks crashing with my dad before we found our own place in the bay. One night we cooked my dad and his lady-friend dinner. I dug up potatoes from my dad's front yard and we whipped up a feast with our loot from the farmers market!

Dad's potatoes!

Pork & veggies in an Avocado-Pesto sauce
topped with tomatoes and served with roasted potatoes

For the record, avocado and basil are super delicious companions!

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  1. We continue to have a good tomato year (for Seattle) but, yeah... nothing compared to sunnier climes.