Saturday, September 8, 2012

Poblano-Strawberry-Fennel-Cilantro Salsa

THIS is why I married Alex!

It all began at the farmers market when Alex overheard a vendor telling a customer that poblano peppers are spicy, and the following scenario ensued:

Alex: Poblanos aren't spicy!
Vendor: Yes they are.
Alex: I eat your poblanos all the time and they're not spicy!
Vendor: I eat them all the time too and I can tell you - they're spicy!
*vendor cracks open a poblano and hands the upper half to Alex*
Vendor: Eat that and tell me it's not spicy
Alex: *takes a bite out of the side* It's not spicy.
Vendor: Take a bite right next to the stem, and get some of the webbing/seeds too...
Alex *takes a bite where he's told* WOA. that's spicy. Oh wow... uuhh... *he starts to sweat*
Vendor: Here, have some strawberries, it'll help kill the heat.

And so the idea for Strawberry-Poblano salsa was born!

For dinner a few nights ago, Alex made some rice, fried up some ground beef seasoned with cumin, and made a poblano-strawberry-fennel-cilantro salsa to put on top of the beef and rice. And the finishing touch was a dollop of sour cream. This was insanely delicious, and I highly recommend that everyone try this!