Sunday, April 7, 2013

Campfire Cookin'

A few weeks ago I went camping in Big Sur with some of my cohort buddies. I was pretty impressively unprepared for this trip, since I decided to go the night before. Luckily my cohort is awesome in addition to being awesome cooks. So here's how cooking while car-camping works:

Step 1: Build a fire.

Step 2: Make S'mores.

That's pretty much it. For breakfast we built a fire, then made a feast:

Ben brought some of his super duper amazing homemade marmalade, and there was also brie, which I used to adorn a piece of campfire toast.

While we ate toast, potatoes were fried, followed by beans with nopales and eggs.

In the end we had some pretty fantastic breakfast burritos; potatoes, eggs, ranch-style beans, nopales, avocado!

Basically anything can be cooked over the campfire in a cast-iron skillet. And Vince can cook anything with a pair of chopsticks!


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