Monday, July 8, 2013

Inaugural Grill

When Alex and I moved into our duplex apartment last August, the modest back yard was a disaster of ancient things from previous tenants and construction equipment from our landlord. We generally ignored the fact that we even had a backyard. Until we realized months later that the growing jungle of weeds might be a problem, as it was quickly engulfing all the junk in our back yard. We donned our grungiest work clothes, heavy gloves, bandana masks, and lab goggles to eradicate the weeds and transform our backyard into a space we actually want to spend time in.

Among the weeds and junk was an impressively rusty old charcoal grill. Alex took it on as a mission to get the grill back into working condition while I tore up and removed the concrete from what is now our veggie garden space (still pending veggies). After a lot of scrubbing and a grate purchase - we have a grill! Here is the first meal we cooked on it:

It began with coals, prepped in a chimney...

The coals heating up, while sugar snap peas grow slowly in the background...

Getting things ready to be grilled!
Salted Eggplant
Summer Squash
Cremini Mushrooms with Balsamic Vinegar wrapped in foil
Prather Ranch Hot Italian Sausages
(and the plastic patio table that we rescued from the backyard disaster!)

Alex gettin' his grill on!

Grilling things! And toasting some sourdough bread.

Candlelight grilled dinner in the backyard!

We paired grilled foods with Mississippi Mud, a Black & Tan beer, and we used Annie's Goddess Dressing to use as a dip for everything.

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  1. Your back yard looks lovely! Alex looks very natural at the grill and the food looks amazing.