Sunday, July 7, 2013

Meatballs & Yogurt Sauce

My camera has sadly passed on to silicon heaven. Luckily, my iPhone has a surprisingly decent camera, so here's a post made entirely of iPhone photos!

It's been heating up here in the Bay Area, and the other evening Alex and I crafted a quick and (mostly) cool dinner. Alex made a yogurt sauce...

Strauss Plain Yogurt with hella chopped garlic!

The spice line-up for the yogurt:
Coriander, Red Pepper, Tumeric, Cinnamon, Cumin...

Garlic, Yogurt, Spices, Olive Oil...

Chopped tomatoes and cucumber to finish the yogurt sauce

...In the end, perhaps the yogurt sauce was more like a saucy tomato-cucumber salad. Anyway, moving on to the meatballs:

Ground beef, chopped garlic, corn meal, cilantro, cumin, paprika, salt.

My favorite part is mushing all the meatball ingredients together with my hands! Also, we were all out of both flour and eggs, so I improvised with cornmeal and completely left out the egg. Turns out eggs are totally unnecessary for meatballs.

Searing the meatballs in olive oil

Meatballs with Cucumber-Tomato-Yogurt Sauce, garnished with Green Onion.

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